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During the completion of My Affection, Synthesis starts a parallel project of his own music, Ragazzo, completed and released on the 3rd of June of the next year (2006). Synthesis chooses a song written back in 1990, reworked by some of his friends in 2000, and adds lot of synth and rhythm parts during 2005. He decides, of course, to re-sing the whole track, while leaving intact the original lyrics. So the double Cd single Ragazzo sees the light, together with the b-side Crystal Shard, a full remake of one of his old songs, originally composed in 1995, and a new, fresh, instrumental electronic track, composed at the beginning of the 2006, under the title of Dance Of Synthesis. A great part in this project is due to two great remixers that rework and remix the above mentionted Synthesis songs: Fatherless Child from France and The Skinflutes from Italy, already well known in the ‘remixing’ music world. Ragazzo, a double Cd single, featuring a total of 10 tracks, including some remixes of Synthesis himself, is completed with a nice and ‘dark’ videoclip of the hit single Ragazzo, filmed in black and white by Sabrina Lavecchia and edited by Paolo Sala. You can find everything HERE.