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Nov 27, 2009
Synthesis news, at last!
“I’m really sorry for the long wait without any news about myself and my music. It’s not that I had nothing to say or I’ve been particularly busy… it’s just that I’m quite lazy and, most important, I wanted to be sure before saying what I’m going to tell you!
A new album is on the way!
It will be called Lights and Shadows and it will be my best effort ever!”

Jun 13, 2009
I’ve added 3 new interesting sections in the Rebirth Discography area!
NEWSPAPERS (read the articles in the magazines talking of my Cd!)
REVIEWS (Jerry Jay wrote, as for Performing The Angel, a superb review of my Cd!)
Tour (oh yes, I’m singing live or presenting in radios some of my new songs!)

May 10, 2009
Two appointments for Synthesis:
This tuesday (12th, May) Synthesis will be guest on italian radio ‘Rete 104’ from 9pm to 11pm. During the long night he will be interviewed, filmed and he will put some songs from his Cd Rebirth. He has chosen other tracks from international artists to be played between his tracks:
RECOIL The Killing Ground
MESH Safe With Me, Snare’s Epic Edit
DEPECHE MODE Wrong, Trentemoller Remix
NEON Runnin’
TEARS FOR FEARS Raoul And The Kings Of Spain
EIGNER Empty Stage
CLAN OF XIMOX Muscoviet Musquito
DE/VISION Love Will Find A Way, Noob Version
COVENANT Like Tears In Rain
B! MACHINE Angels, Remix
DEPECHE MODE Love Thieves, Orchestral Mix
Synthesis will perform his ‘My Angel’ from Rebirth in Milan, on the 4th of June. A special acoustic version will be played, probably with pianist Floriano Bocchino.

Apr 26, 2009
From this moment, in the Discography – Rebirth area, you can find Artwork, Web Photos and (Promo) Download of Rebirth!

Apr 20, 2009
Sony printed the 500 copies of Rebirth!!!

Apr 4, 2009
Synthesis is currently finalizing the graphics for the artwork of Rebirth. The Cd printing will start really soon!

Mar 27, 2009
Rebirth setlist is now definitive! You can find it under the INFO page of the Rebirth Discography. Rebirth will be initially printed in 500 copies: a great goal for Synthesis and his project!

Mar 21, 2009
Synthesis and Marco Battistini recorded and mixed vocals for the last 2 songs: Love Crimes and Another Day. Lella Dark session, adding backing vocals on Another Day, was really good. Now Synthesis is remixing the whole project and finalizing the artwork. The project will be out really soon, probably next month!

Mar 7, 2009
Synthesis and Marco Battistini recorded and mixed vocals for other 3 songs: My Angel, Lost and Broken. At the same time, Synthesis created a special version of Lost, called Lost (Reprise) that will be included in the project!

Feb 9, 2009
The new vocal recording has just started! Synthesis is really really happy! The idea is to record one song each Friday evening with the technician Marco Battistini. At monday evening Marco will give the new mixed vocals to Synthesis. Till now they recorded Blind Memories, Love Crimes (Alternate) and the Depeche Mode cover A Pain That I’m Used To. Synthesis commented: “The new recordings are so wonderful! Marco is doing great: I can see his professionality and his passion. He loves my songs and so the recording sessions are great. Thanks to Max Zanotti (singer and vocal teacher), my voice is getting better. Till now Love Crimes is awesome. I’m looking forward to see the end, but I don’t want to rush!”.
Alex Lavecchia completed the artwork for the Rebirth Inlay cover. Photos were made by Lella Dark during Synthesis holidays, re-worked by Alex that created a sort of painted picture, just like he did for the previous ‘Performing The Angel’. Stay tuned for further info and to see the artwork!