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REVOLUTION – (C) 2014 – Stefano Liani

[printed in 300 copies by Mousemen, Milan]

ARTWORK (click on any image to enlarge)

Photos by Ian Inge (C) 2013
Inlay Photo by Carmen Ciccotti (April 2014)
Artwork by Marco Sirico

Below are shown, among other pictures, 4 pages of the Booklet. The printed version consists of 12 pages and also includes both the original English lyrics and the Italian translations

SONGS (41’35”)

01 New Wave
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
02 I’m Not The One
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
03 Monologue
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
04 Revolution
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
05 Sadness
Music: Francesco Sacchi / Lyrics: Stefano Liani
06 I Want [Barrel Of A Gun]
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
07 Out Of Control
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
08 Alright
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
09 A Wind Of Change
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
10 The Factory
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani


Vocals, Keyboards and Programming (on all songs except 05)
Guitars (on all songs except 05), Drums Programming (on 01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08 and 09)
additional musicians:
Alessandro Brumana
Bass guitar (on 01, 02, 06 and 09)
Francesco Sacchi
Piano (on 05)
Recorded by Stefano Liani@SYNTHESIS STUDIO and by Marco Sirico@ENCORE STUDIO, except for 05 recorded by Francesco Sacchi at his home
Produced and Mixed by:
Marco Sirico