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REVOLUTION – (C) 2014 – Stefano Liani

[printed in 300 copies by Mousemen, Milan]

ARTWORK (click on any image to enlarge)

Photos by Ian Inge (C) 2013
Inlay Photo by Carmen Ciccotti (April 2014)
Artwork by Marco Sirico

Below are shown, among other pictures, 4 pages of the Booklet. The printed version consists of 12 pages and also includes both the original English lyrics and the Italian translations

SONGS (41’35”)

01 New Wave
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
02 I’m Not The One
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
03 Monologue
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
04 Revolution
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
05 Sadness
Music: Francesco Sacchi / Lyrics: Stefano Liani
06 I Want [Barrel Of A Gun]
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
07 Out Of Control
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
08 Alright
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
09 A Wind Of Change
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
10 The Factory
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani


Vocals, Keyboards and Programming (on all songs except 05)
Guitars (on all songs except 05), Drums Programming (on 01, 02, 04, 06, 07, 08 and 09)
additional musicians:
Alessandro Brumana
Bass guitar (on 01, 02, 06 and 09)
Francesco Sacchi
Piano (on 05)
Recorded by Stefano Liani@SYNTHESIS STUDIO and by Marco Sirico@ENCORE STUDIO, except for 05 recorded by Francesco Sacchi at his home
Produced and Mixed by:
Marco Sirico