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The next, natural step, is Synthesis deciding to combine his voice with his fresh, even if still immature, art of mixing. Synthesis is really fascinated by the latest Depeche Mode album, Playing The Angel, so he decides to try to cover it. Instead of rewriting the whole music, he decides to keep the original instrumental patterns from the original versions. For this reason, he starts adding a lot of newer parts, rhythms, piano sounds, drums: that is the idea. Synthesis works about a long year for this project. Furthermore, he also remakes all the vocals, with double recordings, trying to sing both Dave Gahan and Martin Gore parts, but, at the same time, maintaining his particular and unique style, as well as his interpretation. Synthesis has just improved a lot both at playing synths and singing. Excited Depeche Mode fans consider this remix/cover project a brilliant work and Synthesis one of the best DM reinterpreter all over the world. A special and unusual cameo closes this project: an acoustic version of I Want It All, with very special guests Franco Giaffreda (acoustic and bass guitars) and Giò Sorito (harmonica). You can DOWNLOAD the whole album, entitled Performing The Angel.


Synthesis is (at least at this time) mostly a singer, so it is natural for him, after a short time, to take a step in this direction, choosing the best Depeche Mode instrumental tribute album: MY CARESS, from French musician Raph, and taking quite some time to sing over most of the songs included in the original project. Near the end of the year, the first Synthesis project comes to light: My Affection, the other side of ‘My Caress’ (Synthesis vs Raph) is released in December 17th, 2005. The help (vocal direction and recording) of pianist Francesco Sacchi is the first important step in Synthesis musical career (from this moment Francesco becomes a constant point regarding Synthesis musical expression). A great enthusiasm from a lot of listeners (you can look here for the related COMMENTS) is really important, so Synthesis can understand that he did a good job. You can still DOWNLOAD the whole album.