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Nov 20, 2015
Synthesis composed two new tracks for his next album Senses, called Feel Me and Solitude and is actually writing the sixth song.

Aug 31, 2015
Synthesis, for his next album, wrote a couple of new songs: Scream and Alive.
After the composition of Alive, Synthesis chose the title for his next project: Senses.

Jul 24, 2015
A long break! More than one year… as Synthesis said: “Revolution was a big deal. A work that took three years. At the end I was really happy and satisfied but, at the same time, exhaust, both phisically and mentally”. Now Synthesis is back working on two different projects:
1) His next album, possibly ready next year (2016). Synthesis wrote a few days ago his first song, called Land Of Fear. In the next few days, a video of a demo version could be added on the YouTube page. Marco Sirico will probably help Synthesis adding electric guitars and drums, editing, mixing and producing the new album. Alessandro Brumana should play bass guitar on all new Synthesis songs.
2) Marco Sirico of Violavinile recently wrote a few songs. He asked Synthesis to write lyrics for them, in English language, and sing the new tracks. Synthesis already completed a couple of songs and recorded demo versions. No additional details are available, at the moment, for this project, still yet to be well defined.