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REBIRTH – (C) 2009 – Stefano Liani

[printed in 500 copies by City Record (Sony DADC), Milan]

ARTWORK (click on any image to enlarge)

Booklet & Inlay Photo Covers by Lella Dark
Inlay Cover Paintings by Alex Lavecchia


one click download link for the full Album (Promo Edition only) and Cover Art!

all songs are limited to a duration of 40-60 seconds, except for ‘A Pain That I’m Used To’ that is the full lenght

SONGS (56’35”)

01 My Angel
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
02 Love Crimes
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
03 Blind Memories
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
04 Lost
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
05 Rebirth
Music: Stefano Liani
06 Another Day
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
07 Lost (Reprise)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
08 A Pain That I’m Used To
Music/Lyrics: Martin L. Gore
09 Love Crimes (Alternate)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
10 Broken
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani


Vocals, Keyboards, Programming, Bass Guitar, additional Remix on ‘Lost (Reprise)‘ and ‘Love Crimes (Alternate)
additional musicians:
Franco Giaffreda
All Guitars, Bass Guitar on ‘My Angel
Francesco Sacchi
Strings on ‘My Angel‘, Piano on ‘Another Day
Lella Dark
Narrations on ‘Another Day
Instruments recorded by Stefano Liani@SYNTHESIS STUDIO – Lecco during 2008 and 2009, except for Francesco Sacchi add-ins, recorded by himself at his home in 2009
Vocals Recording, Vocals Mixing by:
Marco Battistini
Mixing by: