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RAGAZZO – (C) 2006 – Stefano Liani

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SONGS (Normal Edition)

1a Ragazzo (Single Version)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
2a Crystal Shard (7 Inch Version)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
3a Dance Of Synthesis
Music: Stefano Liani
4a Ragazzo (Enhanced Instrumental)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
5a Crystal Shard (Fatherless Child Edit Version)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani

SONGS (Limited Edition)

1b Ragazzo (Fatherless Child Version)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
2b Crystal Shard (Skinflutes Moonbase Reinterpretation)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
3b Crystal Shard (Fatherless Child Extended Version)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
4b Ragazzo (Fatherless Child Instrumental)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani
5b Crystal Shard (Moonbase Deep Mix)
Music/Lyrics: Stefano Liani


Vocals, Keyboards, Remix on tracks: 4a / 5b
additional musicians:
Riccardo Garimberti
Keyboards on ‘Ragazzo‘ and ‘Crystal Shard
Maurizio Rocca
Bass Guitar on ‘Ragazzo
Paolo Sala
Guitars on ‘Ragazzo
Fatherless Child
Remix on tracks: 5a / 1b / 3b / 4b
The Skinflutes
Remix on track: 2b
Instruments recorded by Stefano Liani@SYNTHESIS STUDIO – Lecco during 2006
Vocals Recording & Direction by:
Francesco Sacchi