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Sep 8, 2007
‘Performing The Angel’, even after several months, is still alive! Remixer/Musician The Skinflutes, well known in the Depeche Mode ‘fans’ web world, since he created several suberb remixes of their songs (in addition to his own tracks), has just created an orchestral version of Damaged People, playing synthesizers and using the original Synthesis vocals from his latest PTA project. Synthesis commented: “I’m very proud and happy that a great artist like ‘The Skinflutes’ asked me, some times ago, to use my vocals for his own remix. In particular, I think that Vincent (The Skinflutes) made an unusual version, that well incorporates my vocals, with a perfect selection of each single sound he used, especially the piano, that is awesome! Now I’m really looking forward to hearing what he will do in the near future! Thanks Vince and keep up the good work!”.

Jun 29, 2007
A relative ‘quiet’ period for Synthesis… While trying to figure out ideas, sounds, lyrics and songs for his long-time next project (that will include only new tracks, instead of another cover album), Synthesis, during May and June, worked as ‘audio-technician’ and ‘sound-engineer’ on 3 Cd’s: Solo Piano – an acoustic live recording of pianist Franco Napoli, Ricordi – a collection in pure ‘piano-bar style’ of 13 songs recorded some years ago of Beppe & Alberto, Coro Nives – a fully remastered work of songs recorded on different old vinyls, including tracks sung from an awesome (Alpin) choir group… the final Cd will be printed really soon.

Apr 28, 2007
Synthesis is currently on a break. He wants to thank everyone that’s having interest in his latest projects and anyone who will in the near future. Synthesis commented: “Now it’s time to relax a bit, to think about the future. I don’t have any project about doing another tribute to the lovely Depeche Mode. I think Performing The Angel was a good end for the cover time and now, still in a relax moment, I’m thinking to spend my time in writing new stuff, new music and searching for collaborators. I have no ideas, really, but I know for sure that my way to do music and sing will change a lot. A female collaboration on the songwriting is possible, too… Time will say, for sure!”

Apr 14, 2007
The long time project PERFORMING THE ANGEL is now out! Hope you all enjoy!

Apr 7, 2007
Since everything is ready, Synthesis decided to anticipate the release of his ‘Performing The Angel’ on the 15th of April!

Mar 29, 2007
Sleeves for the forthcoming PTA project are ready! Marta Vismara did a great job. Thanks again to Alex Lavecchia for the paints and to Lella Dark for the photos.

Mar 26, 2007
Harmonica on I Want It All (Acoustic) has been recorded. Synthesis commented: “Giò Sorito did a fantastic session. I couldn’t believe to my ears. I’m so happy with the final version of this song! This is the best way to finish my project!”.

Mar 10, 2007
Synthesis can finally relax a bit! “I’m really tired, but happy. PTA is really close to the end. Everything is organized and, for the 1st time, I really find everything perfect!”, he commented.

Mar 9, 2007
Lella Dark did some nice photos of Synthesis for his forthcoming PTA project, inner sleeves and for the ‘photos’ section of the PTA web page.
Vocals for the acoustic version of I Want It All have been recorded. Harmonica (Giò Sorito) is scheduled to be recorded on the 21st of March!
The Syn is a new track written by Synthesis that will open his ‘Performing The Angel’ remix/cover project, mixing A Pain That I’m Used To. Synthesis just finished to write and remix this song.

Feb 25, 2007
The remix of A Pain That I’m Used To is completed. “It’s probably the best remix for PTA that I’ve done. The three BPM changes during the song made it harder to remix, but, at the same time, pull me to get out the best from my remix possibilities”, Synthesis commented.

Feb 24, 2007
The vocal recording of the acoustic version of ‘I Want It All’ is scheduled for next wednesday (February 28th, 2007).

Feb 17, 2007
While finalizing the remix of A Pain That I’m Used To, Synthesis met Franco Giaffreda and they had a session for I Want It All (Acoustic). Franco played really cool guitars and bass.

Feb 16, 2007
Excellent news! Giò Sorito will play harmonica over the acoustic version of ‘I Want It All’.
Alessando Lavecchia and Marta Vismara will design the sleeves for the upcoming ‘Performing The Angel’. Alex already did excellent paints, that will be soon posted on this site.

Jan 31, 2007
Precious, the hardest track to sing and remix, in Synthesis opinion (of course), has been completed.

Jan 25, 2007
Great news! Franco Giaffreda, that has just completed playing guitar over the latest album of a well-known italian songwriter (Fabio Concato), will ‘duet’ with Synthesis, probably with the song I Want It All, for the forthcoming ‘Performing The Angel’ Cd, that, thanks to him, will contain also a special acoustic version! The recording, possibly with a live video, will be done in February or March.

Jan 14, 2007
After a bit of time of ‘blackout’, Synthesis came back to remix, and now, Damaged People got gold! Only two tracks to go, before ‘Performing The Angel’ will be completed!