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[2024 or 2025] SINTESI

During the final phase of the production of Distopia, Synthesis begins to work on new compositions, especially songs with high bpms, oriented towards the dance and techno genre. The album, called Sintesi, will once again be an autobiographical project in Italian, this time even more ‘intimate’ than the previous ones, exposing Stefano Liani’s thoughts, passions, fears and hopes, abandoning the partial political and social approach of Revolution and Distopia. The writing of the 10 songs is divided into two rather short phases in time, falling roughly into the 2022 and 2023 summer holidays. Stefano Liani takes care of the composition of all the music (with the exception of one song written together with Franco Napoli), of all the lyrics, the rhythmic parts, the bass and drum programming, as well as some piano and orchestral parts. Meeting again with Franco Napoli leads to a new collaboration, in which the latter plans to add keyboards (especially piano and orchestral parts) on all the songs, in addition to the joint composition of one of them. Franco Giaffreda will most likely play the guitars as usual. If it works within the style of Synthesis, the recording of the ‘real’ drums thanks to Walter Rivolta is also planned. This latest news is yet to be confirmed and linked to the feasibility of adding real drums to the songs. The priority for Synthesis is not to distort the electro-wave approach of his music. Drago, after the extraordinary work done for Distopia, will also record Stefano’s vocals, mix and produce the new album, as well as probably adding keyboards and programming. For further information CLICK HERE!


After the cancellation of Senses, a few occasional collaborations and a long break, Synthesis decides to start over from the beginning, this time with an album in italian language! The new project, out in December, sees the return to the guitar of Franco Giaffreda, the production of Drago, who also takes care of adding keyboards and programming, as well as the recovery of three songs written in the Pre-Revolution period with Franco Napoli, revised and updated for the occasion. At the end, two songs from the very first Rebirth album are also reinterpreted, as well as two unreleased tracks from the deleted Senses album. For further information please CLICK HERE!

[2015-2020] SENSES (CANCELLED)

After a break of one year, following Revolution, a complex project which kept Synthesis busy for 3 years, he comes back working on a new album: Senses. Synthesis wrote twelve new tracks, respectively titled, in their chronological order, Land of Fear, Scream, Alive, Feel Me, Solitude, Memories, In Your Memory, Sweet Anger (instrumental), Wild ThoughtsSecrets,Melancholy (instrumental) and Nonsense. Synthesis comment: “Revolution has meant so much to me, both in terms of music, both in terms of texts and ideas. It is not a closed chapter, even if I have to force myself to try to introduce several innovations in the new album, which I always made in the past, starting from Rebirth. This time, unlike my last disc, the speed of the songs will be much lower, even though I will try to keep that rock-dance inspiration, and sometimes techno, which has marked my first job, Rebirth and, of course, Revolution, but that was little or nothing on the disc in between, Lights and Shadows, for my firm determination. The newer songs not always satisfy me enough. I recorded demo versions of them, unmixed, for which I’ve also recorded the voice in my house with a ‘rough’ microphone”. For further information please CLICK HERE!


After a short collaboration with Franco Napoli, who played and rearranged an alternative version of one of the songs included in Lights And Shadows, Synthesis decides to return to work alone and use a style more oriented towards the industrial music, with some hints at the Dance/House music. After several attempts and months spent experimenting, Synthesis finds the right direction and composes nine new songs and, together with Francesco Sacchi, the tenth. Marco Sirico, already assigned to the mixing and post-production of Lights and Shadows, this time produces the whole newer album, in a masterly way. In addition, he plays all guitars and added drums programming. Last but not less important, Alessandro Brumana joins this adventure, playing bass guitar on four songs. The new album, out in June 2014, is called Revolution. Check it out HERE!


The project started almost ‘as a joke’ by Stefano Liani and Franco Napoli led, in a very short period between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, to the composition and recording of 6 songs signed by both authors for the music and the first for the lyrics. As the prerogatives underlying the initiative failed, the project was abandoned. The ideas behind the lyrics are conveyed to the next album in 2014, although the future songs have nothing to do with them. For further information please CLICK HERE!


Synthesis, even if really proud of Rebirth, decides that a lot of things have to change for his next project. First his voice: he begins to take singing lessons from vocalist Nadia Biondini. Lella Dark writes about 50% of the lyrics for this album. Franco Giaffreda, as before, does an important job with his guitars, adding more acoustic and, for the first time in Synthesis works, synth guitars. Synthesis himself, while doing the most part of the music with his keyboards, writes shorter songs, less experimental, more melodical. The album is mixed and mastered by Marco Sirico@Encore Studio. The newer songs sound better than the previous ones, Lella Dark lyrics are impressive, the mixing and post-production by Marco Sirico are superb. Lights And Shadows, with songs talking about fears, crisis, but also hopes and dreams, is ready in June of 2011. Check it HERE!

[2009] REBIRTH

After Performing The Angel Synthesis begins to think to a new album, with his own songs, played at his best possibilities, with deep lyrics, ‘dark’ sounds and using his voice in a really different way than before. After listening for four months at great rock vocalists like Glenn Hughes, Tony Martin and Ronnie James Dio (rest in peace), Synthesis decides to start recording what will become his really first solo album: Rebirth. Talking about his past and how this has affected the present, about his loves, fears, pains and dreams. Full of emotions, deep and dark: this is the purpose of Rebirth, 1st Synthesis solo album, out in April 2009. Synthesis records and mixes 7 new original songs, plus remixes of two of them. He plays synthesizers like he never did before. He sings like he never did before. He writes lyrics like he never did before. The new songs, written for his Rebirth, are a lot better compared to the older ones. Another step in Synthesis career is learning to play the bass guitar, even if he decides to stop playing it shortly after. A really important key in this project is Franco Giaffreda and his amazing guitars. Franco records guitars over all Synthesis tracks and his performances are simply astonishing. Occasional collaborations from pianist Francesco Sacchi and Lella Dark (as vocalist) are another important key to add deep and strength to Rebirth. This is absolutely the new, real vision from Synthesis! You can DOWNLOAD SAMPLES from this album, entitled Rebirth.