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Aug 19, 2010
Synthesis has some announcements to do:
“First at all! Sorry for the lack of news during the latest months, but I was (and still am, btw) very busy, both physically and mentally, since I’m buying my first house and I’m very busy at work”.
LIGHTS AND SHADOWS was completed about two months ago and the result is impressive. I’m really happy with my voice and, in general, with the whole project. I’m still deciding the final setlist. The album will have 13 songs instead of 12, since I’ve just decided to add a special acoustic version of ‘Ghosts In My Life’, with pianist Franco Napoli playing keyboards”.
“Recently, I started collaborating with pianist Franco Napoli and we are currently revisioning some of my songs to try to be able, in a short time, to do a sort of litte tour. If everything will go well, during concerts Franco will play keyboards, while Lella Dark will cure sequencers, programming and also play some keys. I will sing every song and occasionally play synths. The idea is to realize a semi-electronic (or semi-acoustic) concert, where some songs will be similar to the studio albums, plus the addition of new sounds and rhythms, while other songs will be totally reworked, just vocals and piano, thanks to Franco’s great ability and technique”.
“Lights and Shadows completation (printing and production) will be postponed a bit, since I need first to fix some priority and second see how it goes with Franco Napoli”.

May 1, 2010
Synthesis has entered the studio to record vocals for the new album. Again, Marco Battistini will record and remix vocals. They have already recorded half of the songs and the result is impressive. Synthesis commented: “Thanks to the new vocal coach Nadia Biondini and the hard work done together, my voice is now really better: both technically, both for the ‘color’ it has. My favourite vocals till now has probably over ‘Forbidden Colours’, but I’m also really proud for every song already recorded. For example, in ‘Ghosts In My Life’, whose lyrics were written by Lella Dark, I was able to express a big feeling, and the result is a really emotional sung!”.
The new album Lights And Shadows has been added to the section BIOGRAPHY.

Mar 13, 2010
Synthesis recorded, for his album ‘Light And Shadows’, a special acoustic version of Hold Me Tonight, featuring Franco Giaffreda at acoustic guitars. After a long time Synthesis decided to write new lyrics: so the track In Love has been added to the forthcoming album. No other new tracks should be added. Synthesis is thinking if adding a special version of Depeche Mode Macro from remixer ‘Wave Damage’.
Synthesis should enter in the studio in April to start recording vocals, since all the tracks has been fully recorded. After that he will send some of them to a few people for the remixing stage.

Feb 24, 2010
Synthesis is still working at his forthcoming album ‘Light And Shadows’. He recorded an instrumental track, called Ghost Town and a cover of a superb Sakamoto/Sylvian song: Forbidden Colours.
Lella Dark recently wrote fantastic lyrics for a new track, called Sweet Relief, while Synthesis is currently writing the music.