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Sep 16, 2011
Below you can find a lot of updates, commented by Synthesis himself.
Sorry for the lack of updates in these latest months, but I’m currently working on a complete ‘restyle’ of this web site.
LIGHTS AND SHADOWS has been printed in June 2011 by Mousemen in 300 copies. You will be able to listen to some songs, soon, on my YouTube channel. Since there is not, at the moment, a Cd commercialization, if you would like to receive a copy, please feel free to contact me. I’m very happy and confident about Lights and Shadows, since I’ve already received a lot of excellent feedbacks and many people consider it my best effort to date.
I’m currently working on new songs, but I haven’t really found yet what it will be the future Synthesis ‘sound’. I’m currently heavily inspired by recently Bomb The Bass works, such as Future Chaos and Back To Light.
I recently performed live my first single extracted from Lights and Shadows, called Ghosts In My Life, with Lella Dark at keyboards. The attendace was great and everything went fine. You can find the videoclip recorded by Alex Lavecchia on my YouTube channel. Please follow this link and enjoy the new song: GHOSTS IN MY LIFE, LIVE FESTA DELLE NOTE 2011.

Mar 18, 2011
After a long break, Synthesis is really happy to announce that Lights and Shadows is fully mixed and mastered and will be printed really soon!
A few changes happened during this time:
– Vocals were all re-recorded thanks to Marco Sirico (Encore Studio).
– Marco Sirico mixed all the music and, during the mastering, decided together with Synthesis to work on some changes to ‘In Control’ and ‘Dark Feelings’. For this reason, Synthesis recorded some additional keyboards, too.
Synthesis commented: “I wanted the best for Lights and Shadows, but I was really unhappy with previously recorded vocals and with my amateur mixing, so I contacted Marco Sirico… he did a superb job… now I think it’s time to finalize this project with the print… Thanks for the long wait!”.

Mar 17, 2011
Synthesis news: “The collaboration with pianist Franco Napoli allowed to write 6 new songs (in my opinion really good), but certain conditions didn’t allow us to continue and create a full album. I’m really sorry for that, but I’m already working (alone) on newer songs and I’m confident that I’ll be able to recreate that magic period that allowed myself to create Lights and Shadows”.
I’m not planning to produce the songs that I’ve written together with Franco Napoli, at least not at the moment.