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Dec 26, 2006
During the mixing process, Synthesis decided to significantly decrease the vocal reverb effect. Here is his comments: “Well. I’m going to use quite half the reverbe I used on ‘My Affection’. That is great, since it’s the first time I’m so confident with the recorded vocals to decide to use only a small quantity of effects on them!”

Dec 25, 2006
Christmas Day. Time for Synthesis to merry you a nice day, meet his parents and complete the remix of ‘Macro’, the darkest remix ever made by Synthesis!

Dec 10, 2006
John The Revelator’ has been fully remixed. Synthesis commented: “I’m really happy with JTR remix. A strange, different approach… but I think it rocks! Anyway, ‘Performing The Angel’ could be completed omewhere between February and April 2007. I won’t rush it! I’m trying to do my best, not to hurry the project. What do you think?”.

Nov 24, 2006
Even if in this period Synthesis is really busy with his job, he found the time to complete a stunning remix of ‘The Darkest Star’, for his project ‘Performing The Angel’.

Nov 15, 2006
‘Lilian’ has been totally remixed! While remixing The Darkest Star, Synthesis is thinking to use the remixed Lilian (of which he is really happy!) for a videoclip to celebrate is forthcoming ‘PTA’ project. Synthesis is also thinking to ask to Paolo Sala, already involved in the ‘Ragazzo’ videoclip’, to help him in realizing it!

Oct 29, 2006
Synthesis is currenlty remixing ‘Nothing’s Impossible’. Soon the discography PTA page will be updated with lot of new infos about this exciting project!

Oct 21, 2006
Tonight Synthesis will perform ‘I Want It All’ for a beneficence competition. The track will be the fully ‘remixed’ version, according to his work in progress ‘Performing The Angel’ project. A live recording is NOT scheduled.

Oct 7, 2006
Yeah! All of the vocals for the eleven songs of PTA have been recorded! John The Revelator and Lilian has been added. Synthesis commented: “Lilian was really a match. I think PTA is a superb album, Dave sings great on it, but I don’t really like the way he sung on this song… John The Revelator is hard to sing, too, rock oriented and with lot of power. Well, my version is a little calmer, but I like the fact that, at the end, I could manage to sing it anyway”.

Oct 6, 2006
Synthesis has just become older! Happy birthday! His girlfriend, some days ago, gave him a really nice present: a ticket for DM Live in Milan!

Sep 21, 2006
End of holidays for Mr. Synthesis! Time to go back to work! This time Synthesis recorded vocals on Precious and started remixing ‘I Want It All’!

Aug 14, 2006
Before his holidays, Synthesis took the time to start remixing ‘Suffer Well’. Here are his comments: “Well, both approaches… I mean the remixes, or better the integrations, of ‘The Sinner In Me’ and ‘Suffer Well’ are really different from the past, even if I haven’t remixed a lot of songs before… less than ten. In addidion, PTA is a really hard album to remix, since it’s perfect and the music is really compressed and the idea is that each song is already at his best… But, at the end, I’m really satisfied for what I’m doing!”.

Aug 8, 2006
The remixing sessions for PTA have just been started. ‘The Sinner In Me’ is really close to be completed!

Jul 27, 2006
Vocals for Nothing’s Impossible have just been recorded.

Jul 12, 2006
Vocals for A Pain That I’m Used To and The Darkest Star have just been recorded. Synthesis ‘PTA’ is going really well. Synthesis is thinking to start the remixing sessions…

Jun 22, 2006
Vocals for Macro and The Sinner In Me have just been recorded. Synthesis is really pleased for ‘combined’ vocals in Macro.

Jun 19, 2006
Vocals for Suffer Well and Damaged People have just been recorded. Nothing to add, a part from the fact that Synthesis is really happy with the results!

Jun 12, 2006
For his ‘PTA’, Synthesis decided to start first recording all the vocals on the 11 songs. After he will remix the whole project. The first track has been recorded. Here are Synthesis comments: “I’ve chosen, as start, the fantastic I Want It All. I’m really happy with the recording. Francesco Sacchi is helping me, like he did for my 1st project: ‘My Affection’. Next week I will record other songs from the ‘Playing The Angel’ DM album”.

Jun 10, 2006
The new Synthesis project has just been started! Its name will be Performing The Angel. The work will feature Synthesis in two ways: both singer and synthesizer performer. Playing The Angel of Depeche Mode will be sung and remixed. Stay tuned for further news.

Jun 3, 2006
The first Synthesis double Cd single, after a long wait, is finally out! Its name is Ragazzo and contains a b-side: Crystal Shard, an instrumental song: Dance of Synthesis and some remixes from Synthesis, Fatherless Child and The Skinflutes.

May 7, 2006
Exciting news! Synthesis back to remix! He will appear on the forthcoming remix compilation entitled Grabbing Hands cured by darkspringxl. The compilation will feature 12+ remixers and everyone will create a special version of a Depeche Mode instrumental song. Synthesis will appear with Easy Tiger!

Apr 16, 2006
‘My Affection’ has been re-released with some songs from the ‘Extra’ of March. A longer version is now available with a total of 14 songs! Judas and Sweetest Perfection have been added. The same Judas and The Love Thieves has been updated and slightly different from the previous versions. Extra page has updated added, too, for the same reason.

Mar 5, 2006
The Extra for ‘My Affection’ (featuring the great remixer Fatherless Child) is now out!

Mar 1, 2006
The Extra for ‘My Affection’ will be out on the 5th of March!!! Synthesis commented: “I’m currently remixing and refining the ultimate recorded songs. ‘Sweetest Perfection’ was really a match, but, at the end, I’m quite happy with the result. The ‘home’ videoclip of Enjoy The Silence is nice and funny: it’s, above all, a present to everyone involved in the project, as well as, a present to everyone that will watch it!”.
Final setlist:
1. Memphisto, TDS Vocal Improvisation – Fatherless Child (Vocal Remix)
2. Memphisto, TDS Vocal Improvisation – Fatherless Child (New Vocals)
3. Judas
4. Sweetest Perfection
5. Enjoy The Silence – ‘Home’ Videoclip
Tracks 1,2: Fatherless Child, instruments and remix
Track 5: Alex Lavecchia, direction/recording. Paolo Sala, editing/final cut

Feb 24, 2006
Here is the setlist (tentatively) for the forthcoming Extra for ‘My Affection’:
1. Memphisto, TDS Vocal Improvisation – Fatherless Child (Vocal Remix)
2. Memphisto, TDS Vocal Improvisation – Fatherless Child (New Vocals)
3. Judas
4. Sweetest Perfection
5. Enjoy The Silence – Videoclip
Thanks to Fatherless Child and Alex Lavecchia (videoclip director)

Jan 27, 2006
Exciting news for ‘My Affection’. There will be some extra songs, not released before, like The Sweetest Perfection. In addition, Fatherless Child is currently finalizing a superb remix of Memphisto, TDS Vocal Improvisation!
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