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Dec 6, 2008
A little stop for Synthesis and his Rebirth. Why? Synthesis words: “I’m really unhappy with the vocals recording quality and mixing. I think that all the music sounds really well, but I cannot say the same about the voice. I’m not complaining my voice and the way I sung, even if I can do better! But the good news is that Marco Battistini, involved in the musical scene for a long time, will start from january to record again vocals and he will also mix them into the already recorded music. Of course that means that I’m going to sing again all the songs included in Rebirth. Indeed this is a good thing, since I’m working a lot with a great vocal teacher Max Zanotti and my voice is getting better and better! Please just be patient, guys, I’m gonna shock you! Rebirth will be as good as it is in my mind!”

Oct 28, 2008
Synthesis decided to cancel the recording of the Glenn Hughes cover I Don’t Want To Live That Way Again for his album Rebirth. Instead, he is currently working on a stunning cover of the recent Depeche Mode hit single A Pain That I’m Used To, that will be the 9th and last track of his forthcoming project. The full ordered setlist has been updated in the Rebirth DISCOGRAPHY page.

Oct 15, 2008
Synthesis recorded new vocals for the Alternate remix of Love Crimes, that is now complete. Blind Memories guitars have been recorded, too. Synthesis is now looking for a possible producer for the album, that will be probably completed with the cover of Glenn Hughes I Don’t Want To Live That Way Again. Synthesis started writing some new materials, too, but he decided to keep them for the next album.

Sep 3, 2008
Synthesis, before taking some time to relax in the beatiful Puglia (Italy), for a holiday week, completed the remix of Love Crimes, under the name of Alternate, adding keyboards, bass and drums. Franco Giaffreda, in addition, played a new great solo for it! Synthesis also recorded beautiful (the best ever, he said!) vocals over his latest song Blind Memories, while guitars should be recorded in 2 weeks from now. Guitars over Broken has been recorded, too, by the usual musician Franco Giaffreda. Useless to say that Synthesis is more than happy for Franco’s big contribution to the Rebirth project.

Aug 11, 2008
Further news regarding ‘Rebirth’: Guitars over ‘Broken’ are scheduled to be recorded the next Saturday. Synthesis is really happy with this track, so wait for another great one! Synthesis, in addition, fully recorded keyboards for his seven track, called Blind Memories. Here are his comments: “I needed some time to take confidence with the new Korg M3 synthesizer. It has great potential and a similar conception with the previous Triton (I’m missing it a little, but that’s the future!). I think that Blind Memories is the best track I’ve ever written, thanks to the new synth, but not only for that. I worked hard both on midi patterns and live played keys. I think this is a great track and I’m thinking to use it as the first track of my forthcoming album. I adore the lyrics that I wrote: they are a bit different (as style) from the previous ones, even if totally connected with the sense of my project. I’m looking forward to record both vocals and guitars”.

Jul 13, 2008
Synthesis fully recorded Rebirth, a new reinterpretation of the 2006 instrumental song ‘Dance Of Synthesis’, adding Bass, played by himself and Guitars, played by Franco Giaffreda.
Another new song has been added and both keyboards and vocals has been already recorded. Its name is Broken. Guitars are scheduled to be recorded at the beginning of August!

Jul 1, 2008
Synthesis, during the last month, started working on three different songs: an Alternate version of Love Crimes, minimal, without drums and rhythms; a new fresh reinterpretation of the 2006 instrumental song ‘Dance Of Synthesis’ (this time simply called Rebirth); and, lastly, a new track, still yet untitled.

May 17, 2008
‘Another Day’ has been fully recorded, with different sessions. Synthesis playing bass over the track, Franco playing guitars and Lella adding some backing vocals. Synthesis commented: “I like the way I played bass guitar over this track. I still need to grow a lot at playing bass, since I just started to do it, but, anyway, I think that what I’ve done, even if really simple, is deep and emotional, and that’s what I wanted for it! Franco Giaffreda was awesome. He played guitars all over the track, with lots of different ideas and arrangements. For the final part, I’ve asked him to play a solo. He did a fantastic work. 1’42” metal guitar solo! What a genius. It’s amazing how he’s able to add every kind of style with his guitar over my songs. I love him, my soul brother! Thanks again Franco, be ready for the next track! After it, I ‘stressed’ Lella Dark for her part, adding her voice on some parts. I wanted the Recoil effect (do you remember the track ‘Want’ from the Alan Wilder, alias Recoil, ‘Liquid’ album?), so we worked a lot together to reach that point. Lella hadn’t any experience at singing, but I was sure she could do something really good, since I could listen to her singing over some tracks, for example at my home or at some concerts… I’m very happy with the result. I like her style and intonation. It’s not to exclude that I will need her help in the future…”.
Synthesis, some days after, started writing the 4th track for his solo project: Love Crimes. He recorded the whole synth parts. This track is also really long: 6’31”. Synthesis commented: “I adore this track. I could easily write it in just 4 days. I like every single part. Rhythm is superb, especially at the end, when it gets faster (just virtually, adding more rhythms). The song starts with a long instrumental parts, and so it does at the end. I really think that I wrote something better even than ‘Lost’. In these days I’m really busy at work, so I didn’t already scheduled bass, guitars and vocals recording, but I hope to be ready in 15 days…”.

Apr 16, 2008
Further news regarding the new album: Rebirth. My Angel has been fully recorded and completed, with additional bass guitar played both from guitarist Franco Giaffreda and newbie bassist Synthesis! Useless to say that Synthesis is really happy with his performance.
Lost have been fully recorded, too, thanks to Franco Giaffreda and his guitars. No bass (the song in itself is already perfect) has been scheduled to be added. Synthesis commented: “Franco did an awesome job, as usual. He is becoming a part of my project and, actually, I cannot think to Rebirth without his help. His emotional kind-of playing is really important and my songs are growing a lot thanks to him. I love the songs that I’m currently writing and Franco is the only and perfect guitar player for them. Lost is, by far, the best track I’ve ever written. Lyrics are deep and I think that my voice fit perfectly with them…”.
Synthesis, after a bit of break, found the time to write the 3rd track for his solo project: Another Day. The latest song is even darker than Lost, with cathedral sounds, a lot of rhythms and a great grand-piano played by Francesco Sacchi, a superb pianist and the person who took care of vocal direction and registration for ‘My Affection’, ‘Performing The Angel’ and, of course, the work in progress ‘Rebirth’. Another important guest will take part to add power and deep to ‘Another Day’: Lella Dark. She is going to help Synthesis, adding backing vocals. Synthesis commented: “I’m looking forward to record vocals over ‘Another Day’. After a bit of time I could see that a female voice would have been perfect and needed. Lella Dark is following me in this project, with good advices and a lot of patience, listening to every single step of my work in progress. She is the right person to add her voice over ‘Another Day’. In addition, I will call Franco really soon, since his guitars are needed again, while I’m thinking to play, another time, bass guitar…”. I’m so happy now. Some months ago I couldn’t see the light and the future of ‘Rebirth’: now it is something real and everything is taking a shape, the best one, since I could write 3 nice songs, a lot better than what I use to do before the start of this new work!”.

Feb 29, 2008
Further news regarding the new album: Rebirth. While ‘My Angel’ is nearly complete, with superb keyboards added by Francesco Sacchi, Synthesis has two great news. First, he is currently studying bass guitar (even if probably the bass parts for My Angel will be played by Franco Giaffreda) and, for second, he’s working hard on a new track called Lost. Most of keyboards and vocals were already recorded, while guitars (Franco Giaffreda) are scheduled to be recorded in maximum 20 days from now. Lost is an aggressive techno-rock-dark song, with, for the first time, the use of, in addition to the Korg Triton, virtual instruments. Lyrics are dark, inspired, talking about Synthesis past: his mistakes, pains and fears.

Jan 3, 2008
A new year, a new project, a new life! Synthesis took a long break, thinking about his next work, his 3rd full album, this time containing only his music, his ideas, his songs! During the end of the past year, Synthesis wrote a new song and started to think about his new creation. Here are his comments: “4 months listening to hard rock music, 4 months thinking about lyrics: what to say, what to play. Now I know what to do. My next album will took a long time, the release date will be possibly somewhere before the end of 2009, but, at the moment, I cannot really say it for sure. I’m finding really difficult to write new songs of mine, after such a long time doing covers. I’m trying to improve myself: singing, playing and so on. I spent lot of time thinking at my past, my present and, possibly, my future. Lot of ideas around, lot of wishes, too. My next lyrics will be a clear, pure and sincere look at myself, talking about my past and what it meant for me and for my actual way of living. Lyrics will be very introspective and I’m looking forward to express my real feelings. I’m very proud of my 1st track that has, for a pure coincidence, the title of My Angel! I played and wrote lot of keyboard riffs for it and I’m sure that I did my best work to date. Franco Giaffreda, one of the best guitar players around, and a special friend of mine, too, spent 2 great and intensive hours with me, adding his fantastic guitars over my track. It’s incredible how the track sounds now, compared to before, when no guitars were added, yet. I think that ‘My Angel’ was a great track before the help of Franco, but now it sounds like something new, ‘My Angel’ has now a new aura, a new light, and the song has something that is completely overwhelming me! I’m such proud and happy for it. In the forthcoming days a new bassist player should join me and possibly ‘My Angel’ will be even better! I simply adore the lyrics that I wrote for it. In addition, I tried to use my voice in a really different way, this time more rock-oriented. The ‘Gods’ Glenn Hughes and Tony Martin, two of the greatest rock singers around, are my inspiration in these days and, even if my voice won’t ever be close to them, I will try to do something really higher than before. I’ve chosen the album name: Rebirth… yeah! I think that will be the perfect name for my new album!”.